Foods rich in vitamin E such as wheat germ oil, dried wheat germ, dried apricots, hazelnuts, almonds, parsley leaves, avocado, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach and green paprika on wooden table

Foods rich in vitamin E include wheat germ oil, dried wheat germ, dried apricots, hazelnuts, almonds, parsley leaves, avocado, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach and green paprika. Most of us don’t or can’t eat enough and don’t even know we need to!


Science Based Nutrition


YOU are a self healing machine. Don’t forget that. You were born to do just that and to help each other. Food is your first “medicine”. Medical doctors make a diagnosis and then use drugs or surgery to alter or suppress a symptom(s). If that doesn’t work, a medical doctor may surgically remove the “offending” organ or malfunctioning part. In Science Based Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing we use designed clinical nutrition to support the underlying cause of the problem, so that the body can be supported to regain the ability to correct itself. It’s never too late to try, either.

Symptoms are a sign of an underlying condition that can be supported, naturally! North Bridge Chiropractic and Dr. Ellen M. Lazar, D.C. are not medical physicians and do not treat medical conditions or advertise that we do so. But, most health situations have alternative whole food supplemental/nutritional support deficiencies. What are yours?

How do you know what is the right nutrition supplement to take? Do you watch TV and take the Vitamin of the moment recommendation? Do you buy your supplements at the Bulk Discount store and think they’re the best? How do you know? Up until recently, no one really knew. Now there are blood testing panels to let you know what you need and recommend tried and true various brands of supplements. Kind of like going to a huge health food store but getting a doctor to help you choose the best of each one you need. We do that! Your ordinary doctor doesn’t. Why? Because blood testing panels are deemed “investigative” when you get one when your’re “not sick” or just want one. Insurance companies won’t pay for them. Most physicians won’t order them because they will become part of your “permanent record”. Seriously. Physicians don’t want to be accountable for things they didn’t order or don’t understand. Nutrition is one of those things. We understand. And care.


Direct lab testing reduces your healthcare costs and keeps your results private, for yourself. This reduces the trend of health insurance companies investigating your Electronic Health Record which could raise the cost of your monthly premium!

Utilizing discounted lab fees, North Bridge Chiropractic/Integrated Wellness is able to send you directly to a nearby laboratory, have your blood drawn and tested for over  40 or more nutritional markers that may indicate deficiencies that could make you ill or vulnerable to becoming ill. Normally those markers could cost hundreds to a few thousand dollars as ordered by your regular physician. Your average cost through us is well under those prices and will be determined as needed. Any future re-checks would only include the levels you need, saving you again, hundreds of precious health care cost dollars.

Who needs this? Anyone “after the Holidays” – sugar overdose! People who are constantly tired in spite of eating a well balanced diet and taking vitamin supplements. Someone who has had a major medical episode. A person whose “Dr. doesn’t know what’s wrong with me.” A person who has had sudden weight gain or loss. Anybody who can’t seem to lose weight and eats well. The list goes on and on. Remember this, many health problems ARE detected in the blood well before you experience ANY symptoms detected in routine blood work from “the doctor”. You can have less than 20% kidney function left and not even know that! Call us today to schedule an appointment to find out the best program your body needs. (248) 924-2413. Be confident. There are answers. Let us help.