Lower Back Pain and/or Leg Pain (also known as “Sciatica”) responds well to Chiropractic Care, quickly. Neck and/or Shoulder and Arm pain problems improve using consistent, conservative Chiropractic care, too. We treat Upper back pain and Rib issues that may cause difficulty taking a deep breath without pain. Many types of Headaches or Migraines respond to treatment very well.

We do our best to eliminate your pain while improving your health in as short and cost effective time possible. If we can’t do that at our facility, we referIMG_5333 you to other physicians for help.  I have worked with medical professionals for many years and some of them remain MY patients to this day.


What is Sciatica and How Can We Help? Leg Pain or Sciatica, frequently responds to Chiropractic care in a short, cost effective amount of time. Lower back pain can be present in addition to sciatica, or not. We don’t use medication to cover your symptoms. As a result, patients find Chiropractic Care safe. If it seems like you may have lower back pain or sciatica, call us. We can help.