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“Unhealthy lifestyles, combined with confusing advocacy, creates loss of our health and well being. I believe EVERYONE deserves a healthy life, naturally achievable and fundamentally sustainable.” – Dr. Ellen M. Lazar, D.C.

North Bridge Chiropractic provides traditional Chiropractic care  (Physical Full Spine adjustments, Light and Gentle Arthostim/Activator Instrumentation and Thompson Table techniques) as well as state of the art Digital X-ray, Themal Scanning, Foot Leveler Pelvic Stabilizers and Alternative Nutritional Support based on combined clinical evaluation, Nutrition Response Testing and blood testing. If you are looking for a Northville chiropractor call us! (248) 924-2413

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Dr. Ellen M. Lazar, D.C. has been helping people live better lives since graduating from Life Chiropractic College in December of 1990…click here for more info.

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42000 Six Mile Rd. Suite 230 Northville, MI 48168

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Northville Chiropractor

We are located at 42000 Six Mile Rd., Suite 230, Northville, MI  48168 . This is between Haggerty and Northville Roads. A bit closer to Northville road, just at Bradner, you will find us in the Arthur Murray Dance Studio and Adleson Eye & Northville Optical Clinic complex. Please call for further directions.

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